EMA is a diversified project team of environmental specialists applying a unique combination of hands-on experience and technical expertise to the environmental and public health concerns of our clients. The specialties offer a brief summary of EMA's project team and their related experience:

Mr. Cortelloni holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. Mr. Cortelloni has over 30 years of experience in the environmental field and has managed projects involving UST investigations and remediation; RFIs and remediation; Georgia HSRA site investigations and remediation; voluntary investigation and remediation plans; landfill groundwater monitoring, assessment, and reporting; installation and operation and maintenance of groundwater extraction and treatment systems; NPDES Phase I and II permitting; watershed assessments; environmental compliance audits; and Phase I and II environmental site assessments. Mr. Cortelloni has also assisted corporations and municipalities with many state and/or federal regulatory issues (i.e., NPDES permitting, regulatory interpretation, RCRA compliance audits, hazardous waste disposal, stormwater management, etc.).

Prior to starting EMA, Mr. Cortelloni was a project manager for Conestoga-Rovers & Associates (CRA), a 1,000 person international environmental consulting firm, where he was involved with all aspects of CERCLA, RCRA, HSRA, and solid waste-related projects. He also managed the quality assurance department for CRA's Atlanta office.

Mr. Schwaller holds a Bachelor of Science degree in geology and biology and is a registered Professional Geologist (PG) in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. Mr. Schwaller has over 25 years of experience in the environmental field and has managed projects involving UST investigations and removals; Superfund investigations and remedial actions; solid waste disposal facility assessments; Georgia HSRA site investigations; industrial wastewater facility management; health and safety and environmental compliance management; and numerous Phase I and II environmental site assessments. Mr. Schwaller has also conducted numerous indoor air quality assessments for local industry involving responses to "sick building" syndromes and baseline air quality assessments.

Prior to joining EMA, Mr. Schwaller was a project manager with CRA where he specialized in hydrogeologic assessment and remediation programs involving subsurface geologic investigations and hydrogeologic characterizations. Mr. Schwaller was primarily responsible for the management of Phase II environmental site assessments associated with property transfers for numerous Fortune 500 commercial and industrial corporations. He also managed the field investigation personnel for CRA's Atlanta office.

Mr. Kimpling holds an electrical engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and is a licensed industrial wastewater treatment plant operator. Mr. Kimpling is a Georgia licensed Utility Manager and General Contractor and has over 20 years of construction experience and has managed projects involving commercial building construction and renovations, high pressure piping systems, operation and maintenance of reactor plants, site grading, and the general design of erosion control measures. Mr. Kimpling’s environmental experience includes the design and installation of industrial wastewater treatment systems, automated flow measuring and sampling devices for NPDES related projects (Watershed Assessments, industrial permits, MS4 Permits), constructing and installing groundwater extraction, SVE/AS, and ISCO remediation systems, treatment and disposal of hazardous wastes, the decommissioning of industrial plants, and the removal/disposal of AST/USTs.
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