John Schwaller, B.Sc., PG

B.Sc. Biology/Geology, University of Rochester, New York, 1990
Other College of Federal Regulations (Understanding and Using Environmental Regulations), 1998
North Carolina Registered Environmental Consultant Guidance Workshop, 1998
USEPA Seminar on DNAPL Characterization and Remediation, 1994
Biology/Geology Field Camp, Isle of Shoals, Maine, Cornell University, 1990
1998-Present Principal
Environmental Management Associates, LLC
1991-98 Project Manager/Geologist
Conestoga-Rovers & Associates

Professional Geologist (GA# 1617, TN # 4690, AL # 1035)
Confined Space Supervisor Certification, 2000
Trench Shoring OSHA Certification, 2000
40 hour HAZWOPER Certification, annual 8-hour updates, 1990-Present

Member, National Ground Water Association
Member, Atlanta Geological Society

Profile of Professional Activities
Project Management/Coordination
  • Project management responsible for health and safety and environmental compliance for a worldwide leader in high-voltage electrical switch manufacturing (Hampton, Georgia). Compliance activities include OSHA program development, hazardous waste management, EPCRA reporting, solid waste management, storm water management, and regulatory negotiation/interaction
  • Responsible for OSHA and environmental compliance audit for a worldwide leader in high-voltage electrical switch manufacturing (Hampton, Georgia). Project included identifying all health and safety and environmental non-compliance or potential non-compliance issues
  • Performed focused air quality testing and source evaluation in response to "sick building" syndrome for a major telecommunications company. In conjunction, performed baseline air quality assessments including HVAC system inspection, chemical use, and limited air quality testing. The assessments included 14 facilities located throughout the southeast US
  • Project coordination of a former municipal landfill Superfund Site (Cedartown Municipal Landfill Site, Cedartown, GA) including performance of all RI/FS and RD/RA field activities and report preparation, data/cost analysis, client/agency relations, and subsequent deletion from the National Priorities List (NPL). Represented PRP Group providing technical support during negotiations with USEPA Region IV for deletion from the NPL
  • Responsible for the comprehensive site assessment and on-going remediation of a high voltage electrical switch manufacturing facility (Hampton, GA). Work included the delineation of dissolved solvent-related constituents in groundwater and subsequent design and implementation of a combined overburden and bedrock groundwater extraction treatment system, and operational oversight of the groundwater treatment system. Represented client during negotiations with and presentation of work plans to the Georgia EPD Hazardous Waste Management Program
  • Project coordination of comprehensive site assessments for twelve solid waste sites at ten individual furniture manufacturing facilities throughout the state of North Carolina. Activities included the characterization of subsurface/surficial solid waste, identification of soil/groundwater contamination, subsequent closure of sites without contamination, and development of corrective action plans for sites requiring additional work. Represented client and presented work to the North Carolina Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources Division of Solid Waste and Inactive Hazardous Waste Site Branch
  • Responsible for the investigation and report preparation for numerous petroleum product UST and aboveground storage tank projects in GA, FL, MD, MS, NC, SC, TN. Investigations and reports include initial site characterization, preparation of corrective action plans including active remediation, free-product removal, and groundwater monitoring only to assess natural attenuation. In the state of Georgia, conducted all phases of CAP Part-A and CAP Part-B reports
  • Responsible for all industrial wastewater discharge monitoring and reporting for several industrial facilities within the City of Atlanta and Fulton County Georgia. Discharge monitoring includes grab sample collection, time/flow proportionate composite sampling, analysis, and reporting. The facilities encompass high temperature plastic mold injection, cardboard packaging, and electroplating
  • Project management for microbial sample collection and analysis of groundwater, surface water, soil, and sediment to aid in the determination of natural attenuation of petroleum products at several UST facilities
  • Coordination of storm water sample collection and preparation for microbial analysis in conjunction with a NPDES Part I MS4 permit application (Columbia County, GA)Coordination of storm water sample collection and preparation for microbial analysis as required under NPDES Phase I/Part II Permit for countywide storm water quality monitoring program (Fulton County, GA)Coordination, reporting, and interpretation of numerous Phase II site assessments with subsequent recommendations involving major industrial and commercial facilities throughout the United StatesIndustrial facilities include: industrial waste landfill facilities, silica production, metal fastener production, heavy equipment manufacturing, chemical manufacturing and blending, rubber roofing material manufacturing, metal wire/cable manufacturing, alcohol distillation and production, metal container manufacturing, lithographic facilities, furniture manufacturing, and textile manufacturing/dyeing
  • Commercial facilities include: petroleum product dispensing facilities and vehicle repair facilities, funeral homes, cemeteries, dry cleaning facilities, sod farms, commercial carrier maintenance and repair facilities, heavy equipment rental/repair facilities, and beverage bottling/distribution facilities
  • Performed oversight of other consultants and state/federal agencies during data collection programs and provided technical review/assessment of environmental reports for third parties
Geologic Experience

  • Supervision and implementation of hydrogeologic investigations to determine aquifer characteristics including single well response tests, step-drawdown tests, and constant rate pumping tests at several Superfund, RCRA, and numerous industrial/commercial facilities throughout the United States
  • Conducted numerous field investigations including soil/groundwater sampling programs, design and oversight of overburden and bedrock monitoring well construction activities conducted at various hazardous waste disposal sites and other industrial facilities throughout the United States and Puerto Rico
  • Responsible for the implementation of long term injection tests in conjunction with extraction well pumping tests to aid in the design of a groundwater extraction/injection treatment facility (Former OxyChem-Tacoma Facility)
  • Performed aquifer parameter analysis using Telog and AQTESOLV computer programs in aiding groundwater treatment facility design at numerous Superfund, RCRA, and various state hazardous waste program sites
  • Coordination of groundwater flow modeling to aid in groundwater resource management and contaminant transport
  • Supervision of drilling, construction, and air testing contractors for construction quality control and health and safety
  • Primary client contact for the proposed groundwater resource development project for a major tire manufacturer located in Aiken County, South Carolina
  • Project management for microbial sample collection and analysis of groundwater and microbial growth to aid in the treatment and subsequent disinfection of treated groundwater in conjunction with the remediation of chlorinated solvents at an industrial facility (Hampton, GA)
  • Project management for the proposed treatment and subsequent disinfection of several groundwater production wells producing up to 900,000 gpd due to severe microbial iron growth for a major industrial facility (Augusta, GA)

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