Southern States, LLC Hampton, GA

EMA conducted soil and groundwater investigations at this Georgia HSI Site located in Hampton, Georgia from 2011 to 2018.  The objective of the investigation was to delineate the extent of both TCA and TCE contamination at this facility.  EMA reviewed all historical data reports (numerous investigations since 1989),  performed a focused source investigation using MIP technology, an ecological risk assessment, and pinpointed the major source areas of TCA and TCE.  Investigation led to the development of a remediation strategy including ISCO hot spot treatment potentially followed by ISEB (in-situ enhanced bioremediation), and MNA  to treat both overburden and bedrock groundwater contamination.  EMA moved the site into Georgia's Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP) and has completed the ISCO treatment of the groundwater contamination using a proprietary sodium persulfate oxidizer activated with hydrogen peroxide.  Contamination levels within the groundwater have been reduced by 95 percent.
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