Confidential Client, Columbiana, Alabama RCRA Facility Investigation

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EMA complteted the RCRA Facility Investigation involving Post-Closure Groundwater Monitoring, Statistical Data Evaluations, and Annual Reporting.  Conducted Delineation Investigation for RFI Closure of several SWMUs.  Prepared and Supervised Interim Measures and Corrective Action Work Plan Involving Removal and Disposal of Cyanide and Lead Contaminated Soils. 

Prepared Corrective Measures Study (CMS) Plan for Remaining SWMUs Including a 7.7-acre Landfill.  EMA, through our affiliated company, treated in-situ 3,500 tons of RCRA Hazardous lead impacted soils to non-hazardous conditions using a proprietary stabilization reagent.  The soils were subsequently excavated, transported and disposed of at a nearby Subtitle D Landfill.  EMA prepared the CAP and has been conducting the post-closure groundwater monitoring and reporting at this Site for the past 16 years.
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