Grant Street Property, Atlanta, Georgia HSI No. 10560

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EMA conducted a Phase I ESA and subsequent Phase II investigations to delineate the extent of the soil and groundwater contamination at this HSRA Site located in Atlanta, Georgia. The Site was a former scrap yard located on 1.1 acres near the offices of EPD in downtown Atlanta. The objective of the investigations was to characterize and delineate the extent of the lead contamination detected at this Site in accordance with the HSRA regulations. The client was a prospective purchaser of the property and was negotiating the purchase of this property under the Georgia Hazardous Site Reuse and Redevelopment Act (O.C.G.A. 12-8-200 et seq.).

A Prospective Purchaser Corrective Action Plan (PPCAP), which included a delineation of the contamination and a feasibility assessment of the remedial options, was prepared by EMA and submitted to EPD in mid 1999. The PPCAP was used to argue against removal of all impacted soils and, instead, placement of a protective cover (Cap) to control any future migration of this contamination. EPD approved the PPCAP in December 1999 and remediation was initiated by EMA in 2000. EMA's contracting company, REM-CON, LLC, installed the clay Cap on the Site in October 2001.
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