Grant Street Property, Atlanta, Georgia HSI No. 10560

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The Grant Street Property is a HSRA Site located in Atlanta, Georgia. The Site was a former scrap yard located on 1.1 acres near the offices of EPD in downtown Atlanta. The Site was contaminated with RCRA hazardous concentrations of lead. A Prospective Purchaser Corrective Action Plan (PPCAP) was prepared by EMA and submitted to EPD in mid 1999. Under the PPCAP, all hazardous soils were to be removed from the Site by the purchaser.

contracting company, REM-CON, LLC, excavated approximately 200 tons of lead impacted soils from the Site. The contaminated soils were treated with a proprietary stabilization/fixation reagent to non-hazardous conditions and were subsequently disposed of off-Site at a Subtitle "D" landfill.  EMA prepared the Compliance Status Report in 2004.
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